At the University of Navarra

In Navarre spent more than three years that was devoted mainly to studies of theology and care of patients.

First was the Bachelor of Theology , with a dissertation on fatherhood responsible and later, post-doctoral courses, presented the thesis with the title, Responsible Parenthood and periodic continence.Its evolution in the teaching from Pius XI to Paul VI .

In this period he worked at the University Clinic of Navarra , where he treated patients.Something he always left a mark on the soul. From this moment he saw more clearly the health of the person seen as a whole, which is based on spirit, no healing, but takes into account the spirit.

Moreover, in these years, worked in the parish of St. Nicholas , situated in the heart of Pamplona in the Paseo de Sarasate .

To see photos of this period visit the Photo Album category University of Navarra .


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