Interview- La Voz de Galicia

An interview with Jesús Manuel García de La Voz de Galicia

What they’re doing in this new life?

It is not so new. They have changed many things, but not essential.It is new because I share everything with my wife while I still have a mission that is the same as putting God first and foremost in my life. Now with the help of my wife, Mary.

Where do you live?

When we are in Spain live in Oseira. When we are in America, Argentina in Sao Tome in a town that was a former Jesuit Reduction.

How long have you lived in Spain again?

I have three months in Spain.

How they have received their friends and peers?

I felt very welcomed and if you compare to other years I have to say it was a little more intimate and loving the reception. I have seen some even expressed their love in a special way to get excited at this reunion.

And your family?

Well, thanks.

Every family that has already established the location of each member may initially draw his attention. But the family knows better than anyone to their members.

What relation does the bishop?

With the Bishop, I initiated the process of the waiver and my relationship is normal.

Does anyone in the Curia wanted to talk to you to learn he had returned to Ourense?
I’ve been involved with some friends at the same time priests are members of the curia.

What America saw your wedding?

In general, except as the scandal provoked the reaction, were normal.

How is the bureaucratic process to stop being a priest? Have you not?

I’m still a priest. No longer a priest ever. I am a priest, my hands are priests are the same as my first Mass, the only thing it is not compatible in the Catholic Church celibacy and the priesthood, I have made to understand the “exercise” the priestly ministry. He was ordained priest by the order of Melchizedek, so my priesthood is as valid as that of any other priest, is eternal. At no time have ceased to be a priest, nor cease to be when I get the waiver.

The bureaucratic process, as he called you, and all proceedings of this kind takes time.

Have you been forbidden to develop their work as a theologian?

I am a doctor of theology not only at church but also at civil. It is a university degree as others. No one can stop a profession free. Right now my work is that.

How do you develop your work?

I’m still working as a theologian at the professor, as a writer, I have edited books, give lectures at conferences, participated in a radio program

When I spoke with Mary were married, as well declare my love, we consider our way of life as a couple: go as missionaries in our educational activities (or training) and we want to develop a way of working further: she is Director of Spiritual Discernment, Jesuit Eastern.

Therefore, with my wife, she from their knowledge and practices and I in my profession of theology, we are trying to help people.

Right now it’s on sale in America and Spain, two books with this effort to help many people: Reiki Christic. The balance physical, mental and spiritual from a more informative Gospel and entitled “Good News Father Gumer”

What do you think the letter read in all churches of that country when it was learned thing? “They went to that wedding many faithful despite Bishop’s warning to incur mortal sin?

Who did the warning was not the Bishop of Sao Tome, which at that time did not. He has made the note was the Diocesan Administrator and two other priests.

The letter confused people and raised the controversy and debate nationally and internationally.

In any form is subject past.

What does a day in the life of Gumersindo now that he’s married?

Like any man, who shares his life with his wife, with their activities, their religiosity. And while the fact of being married to Mary and be missionaries have their peculiarities. We get sick and zealously religious people search.

Why live in Oseira? Any special reason family or haunt the place?

In Osera was born, here are my roots. But besides this because we love nature, quiet places, and the spirituality that breathes. Our business requires us to live in America and Europe.

What are your plans for your future? How do they live?

Our plan is ongoing mission. We live our professions.
“Offset years of priesthood or regret not having settled much earlier to marry at a younger age?

My years of priesthood were exciting, do not change a thing. They were happy moments of my life. Love arrived at the right time, in which God willed. I met Mary when God wanted, Providence has its moment.

“What hobbies do you have?

I always liked sports and outdoor life. I like to play football. In Argentina played in the league of veterans, by the way we champions …. I like to walk and to be able to monitor the nature, green landscapes of Galicia. Around Osera are beautiful places to enjoy a brisk walk or Sil Canyon and forests.

What are you reading?

I’m reading some books by authors from Eastern origin are very interesting: Krisnamurthi, one of Yogananda, a book by Thomas Merton and one of Rahner.

What kind of music listening?

Depends on time.

Meditation music for moments of prayer. Happy music for moments of rest or do some exercise.

Anyway the music that strikes me is walking through the countryside and feel the songs of birds, the murmur of water or the same silence, is a special music.

Are you going to the movies?

Very little but I recommend a movie I saw recently: “test of faith.”

In these cases like yours always helped get the issue of priestly celibacy, does not exist, would there be more cures?

Cure, but I guess not. I can not tell what would happen if he had not celibacy. All I can say I know that celibate priests are great people I would say saints. I have been fortunate to meet several of them. They are celibate priests who have love in your heart, celibate priests, but that his soul has not dried but has increased her generous and quiet.

I have the agenda full of notes on stories of the generosity of them. I think in the future I will write a book about priests celibate, true masters of love I have in my head right now that are more than ten lives to tell.

By the way, does anyone has said that he would like to follow the same path?

I can tell you that there are priests who are in discernment. That is not whether or not they want to follow the same path as mine. I pray that everyone will find their way.

What a priest to marry is tantamount to giving back to God?

Case that a priest is not turning our back on God. I explain with a concrete example: in the Catholic Church priests are married. But there are exceptions. In the early centuries of Catholicism had married priests. In fact, the first council which imposed mandatory celibacy for priests was a Spanish council.

The law of celibacy is a church law only can be repealed. If ever there was no mandatory celibacy and today there are married priests in the Catholic Church is clear that a priest who marries is not turning its back on God.

In my case I can tell you that my marriage has helped me get closer to God, face to face. Not at all signified a departure from the faith.

Orense September 2007 for the La Voz de Galicia

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