Read the Gospel with new eyes (Spanish version)

Read the Gospel with new eyes

Gumersindo Meiriño

The Gospel is, without doubt, the book that most influenced people throughout history. The read with fresh eyes is a way to further deepen its enormous human and spiritual values.

In this book is an ascent. It is young. Is something similar to the mountain. You can not live a full life and excited without youth. I do not mean the number of years but the youthfulness of spirit, that gives you the gift of eternal childhood because the more one ages the body, the new man rejuvenates the spirit.

It is a book for young people who dream projects, which are excited about the dawn of each day and know that if they are alive is because he still has a lot to learn and do. Pp 12-13


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Dr. en teología. Disertante. Escritor.
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