Christic Reiki

Christic Reiki

Meiriño Gumersindo – Benetti Maria

A doctor of theology, who has exercised his priesthood for many years in several countries, with a Zen master, an expert on Eastern spirituality write a unique book on spiritual healing, Reiki Christic.

On the back cover explains some of what is intended by the Christic Reiki book:

I n western film imitating a gunman trying to hide a missionary.And he told the locals “God’s ways are endless.” Her partner corrected, “the ways of God are infinite.”

Although religions are great avenues to God, each has plenty of inputs and outputs that can help us find him. Furthermore, each person has their own way to reach God. There are no roads tailored, there is no uniform prefabricated with different sizes. Everyone has to find yours.

With the aim Reiki Christic a new road that is not done we have to keep building with our footsteps.


About gumersindomeirino

Dr. en teología. Disertante. Escritor.
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