Fe and intelligence. Reiki Christic in Posadas Misiones Argentina

Tuesday June 26, 2007

He left the priesthood in love with her and together they devoted to the exploration of health and their relationship with God

“Faith in God and adequate intelligence to help us see who we are”

:: Gumersindo Meiriño and Mary Benetti Guest presented in his book “Reiki Christic.” Work that develops applied to religious experience or spiritual energy disorders of the human body

God and Soul. Beneti Meiriño and joined their lives concerned with the spiritual need of people. [Photo: Farna Sixto]

Posadas. The book Christic Reiki written by Gumersindo Meiriño, Mary Benetti and introduced by José Luis Inciarte, which pasó76 days lost and alone in the snow, was one of the sixteen survivors who beat to death in the Andes in 1972 was presented Sunday at the Posadas Plaza Shopping.
The work of three parts, runs through a theological explanation of Reiki, guideline, Jesus Christ and the origin of the therapy. In the second part can be found the scientific explanation from physics and philosophy, anatomy, energy centers, the quantum field and psychological Reiki. Meanwhile, in the final section the methodology can be found, which suggests ways to reach the goal of health, always without pretending to be a substitute for any medicine, but a complement and an aid for the recovery of the patient and institution, signs and symbols, reiki, from the Bible, from the holistic, or its implementation from food.
“Faith in God, with the support of the intelligence used properly help us see who we are, where we came from and where we go. It is read to know the will of the higher self in our lives, “said Meiriño.
“When our Creator gave us everything you need to manage in the earth, and tells us all is within us, and we have only to dive into ourselves to find the answers, is at the time when the Christic Reiki can intervene with their techniques and instructions that come from the Eastern religious and mystical tradition that shows the New Testament when Jesus invited to seek their own spiritual healing of others through prayer, meditation and love. It takes the message issued by the body, body to mind to inform you of the existence of an imbalance of vital energy, what Christians call the spirit, “he said.

Meiriño Gumersindo, and Maria Benetti, met three years ago in Corrientes, where she was attending usually for missions, retreats and to organize courses reiki and Gumersindo exercised the priesthood in the Catholic Church. Both were united by the care of people with special needs: spiritual. Both knew from the pastoral experience that if the soul is sick affects the physical health of people and vice versa, a healthy mind helps the healing of physical and mental diseases. Such was the degree of complementarity which managed to build habits that Gumersindo left and got married. We do not know if love was stronger or Gumersindo took this decision on the conviction that his mission would be more productive away from the Church as an institution, or both simultaneously.

* **Data.
Gumersindo Meriño. Former priest. Doctor of Divinity, was born in Osera province of Ourense, Spain. He studied philosophy and theology at the Theological Institute Divine Master. He received his doctorate in theology at the University of Navarra.He taught in secondary schools and seminars Spanish Ecclesiastical Studies.

* **Data.
Mary Benetti
Born in Pergamino, Buenos Aires. Trainer on discernment retreats. Director in transcendental meditation and reflection with Jesuit education. Coordinator for Religious Pluralism. Gneosología trainer, Christian Philosophy and Metaphysics.  Jesuit doctrine Specialist Reiki Master Christ Self.

Source: El Territorio, Tuesday June 26, 2007


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