From anguish to peace

From anguish to peace

Gumersindo Meiriño

One of the most frequent epidemics in the world that we live is called distress. Without magical results, but with a great common sense and experience, the author tells us how to reach peace.

When you’re thirsty you approach a fountain drink, not exhaust all the water. We are happy about what you’ve received, you were insatiable, without grieve because although the fountain drink water keeps draining. When you get thirsty you drink again, however, if you consume all the water when thirsty again could not satisfy it.


When he walked away he realized that the house had left much of the stones that had been crushed in recent years. Also realized that since then, nothing would be as before.

While her husband was driving the car in silence and her young daughter talked and talked like a parrot of the new friend of her mother, and that the next time he would bring some flowers violets. Pp 100-101


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