Gumer Father Good New

Gumer Father Good News

Gumersindo Meiriño

Book of stories that become life, and bits of life that become stories, always to leave a message of hope.

Written by a doctor of theology who knows about life.

Father Son Gumer Good News, because I’m proud of my priesthood, and I can identify with the priest leading a dignified life.

For my marriage to Mary did not change my identity will not litter left me outside. In the fall the trees are leafless. Day after day they become more and more yellow, drier, and are falling slowly to let the tree naked. This seems weaker, more helpless, but when spring reborn in its greenery and with greater strength and vitality. What keeps you alive? The trunk, roots. Something similar has happened in my life. I have been stripped of some leaves. The cassock, I’ve changed my engagement ring, I do not say “Father Gumer” but “Gumer” … but the trunk and roots remain the same: my love for God and the mission for which I chose: to communicate the Good New.And I fight for life each day is a new spring to remove most delicious fruit in the past. Pp 16-17


About gumersindomeirino

Dr. en teología. Disertante. Escritor.
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