Father Jose Isorna and Meiriño present ‘Holy of entrepreneurs’

Father Jose Isorna and Meiriño present ‘Holy of entrepreneurs’

27.10.2010 The book was released yesterday in Follas Novas / / This is the story of a Franciscan Gudiña

Meiriño y el padre Isorna con el fundador de Follas Novas, Rafael Silva, de pie FOTO: A. Hernández
Meiriño and Father Isorna with the founder of Follas Novas, Rafael Silva, FOTO: A. Hernández

Isorna the well-known father and writer and doctor of theology Gumersindo Meirin presented yesterday at the bookstore Follas Novas de Santiago a joint work, De Santo entrepreneur. In its pages tells the story of Sebastian de Aparicio, a Franciscan born in Gudiña was emigrant, farmer, rancher, businessman and, finally, holy.

And Sebastian de Aparicio was beatified in 1789 by his missionary work. The story says that thanks to him we owe the first wagons were pulled by animals in Mexico and in the book Holy of entrepreneurs that created lines of transport and distribution of goods with them. Moreover, he insisted on “Adapting Galician carts Puebla, the Mexican city to which he emigrated, and” so the plows were manufactured as of or rivers and as Frieir “reads in this 111-page book put out to light by the Editorial From East to West. One of the authors, Gumersindo Marino, was ordained and served as such in other countries such as Ecuador and Argentina. He also worked three years attending the sick spirit of the University Clinic of Navarra, a professor and is currently professor married a missionary and writer.

Isorna father was born in Cordeiro (Valga) and is an institution in Santiago. It is a Franciscan for 60 years, among many other activities, a member of the Real Academia de la Lengua Gallega.

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