From darkness to light

From darkness to light

Meiriño Gumersindo

Self-help book with practical lessons to overcome the dark parts that cloud the human heart, written by a doctor of theology, with much experience.

Stepping out of the car felt like a call within a corner that came from his right. Without knowing why he went to a place full of plants and flowers. Highlighted some purple lilies. Amid the flowers discovered as a light shining. He moved closer to distinguish where it came from this wonderful brightness and realized that there was a small hermitage.


Each morning the son of God wake up, breathe air and thanks to his Father. Watch the Sun, nature, everything belongs because he is the son of God and thanks.

It’s free. You have no ties, is king, master of himself.

The son of God you can not buy anything.

Priceless. Pp 26-27


About gumersindomeirino

Dr. en teología. Disertante. Escritor.
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