The closeness of God: The Sun

The closeness of God: The Sun

Many people get bothered when God is close, because he makes them think about their ways of life. They do not like it because it makes them remember the dark parts of their ways. And they do not want to change; they do not want to be touched.

This happened to hypocrites and Pharisees who considered Jesus an enemy. This is what Jesus teaches now. You cannot be a person who only carries out the law and pretends to be a good person so that people say: “What a good man! How law abiding! How generous!” Jesus sees inside your heart and unmasks double-faced people. He does it for two reasons. Firstly, to help them because when he unmasks them he is living them a second chance. And secondly, in order not to let them deceive innocent people.

Nevertheless, many of them did not accept the word of God and did not bear him. They tried, by all means, to get rid of him. This also happens nowadays; many people have an appearance, show a kind face, but they are exactly the opposite. They are like actors who do not live their own lives; they live a pretended life they have invented, in which they are no more protagonists of a film. This is far from reality. The word of Jesus places you in your real life, and when you accept reality you see what you are, with no slyness or tricks; so Jesus helps you to start over.

This happens now and also happened two thousand years ago. Genuine people approached him despite the fact that they had sinned. His previous behavior and his way of life did not care. Thanks to Jesus they were reborn. They did not disown his presence; they invited him and shared with him instead. Zaqueo, who was a tax collector and a robber, admitted it before Jesus. He received Jesus in his house and his life changed radically. Mathew, another tax collector who kept other people’s money, invited him to eat and then became an apostle…

It is like the light of the sun. When entering a half-lighted room, we may say: «How clean this room is!» But when we open the windows and light enters, we see dirtiness, spider webs. In the presence of God, the sun shines. The darkness disappears. But if somebody wants to hide the dark part of his life get away from the light of God because nothing can be hidden from him.

In the Gospel, Jesus cured a man that was possessed by many demons, and then he sent the demons to a herd of swine. The evangelist says: «So people pleaded so that he moved away from them because they feared.» The inhabitants did not rejoice in Jesus’ miracle. They did not feel touched or happy when seeing his neighbor cured from the curse. They only cared about their economic loss, the loss of the herd of swine. On the contrary, the man from whom the demons had come out begged to remain with him (…) The man went off and proclaimed throughout the whole town what Jesus had done for him.»[1]

Demons and double-faced people cannot bear the Word of God. Many hypocrites read the Gospel to hide their malice. «They have eyes, but they do not see, ears, but they do not hear.» They have no root.

[1] Cf. Lc 8, 27-40.

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