Anam Cara

Anam Cara

Celtic culture gives this name to some special people. “Anam” means ‘soul’ in Gaelic; “Cara” means ‘friendship.’

In the Celtic world, the anam cara were spiritual friends; they were people on whom all trusted; people to whom every interior secret, every thing that people had in their bodies, mind and soul could be revealed. Celts thought that every person was eternally linked to their aman cara. This union of friendship was so big that nobody or nothing could break it off, not even death. «Because love is stronger than death.»[1]

We all need an anam cara, a spiritual friend in our lives. We need somebody who understands us exactly as we are, with no masks or tattoos. A friendship that emerges from genuine love. The anam cara is a gift of God. Pedro met these qualities. Those who attended his talks, feel that.

The anam cara also exists in the East, where they are called guru. For oriental people, the guru is a divinely illuminated teacher, who has exceeded the limitations of the human being, and is prepared to guide others along the spiritual path. According to their thoughts, when a pious person is ready to search for God, He sends him a guru. Thus, the pious person is guided by God, who uses the guru as an instrument to instruct said person. The guru is a channel used by God to find the way that leads to salvation. The presence of the guru is not only physical; there is also synchronization and harmonization of the hearts of the teacher and the pious person.

For Christians, the great anam cara is Jesus; he is our friend, our brother. We have been born in brotherhood with Jesus through the genuine friendship of the Anam Cara (with capital letters): God. Nobody loves as God does, because He is Love, He is pure friendship. But it becomes apparent in men who reflect the spirit of Christ. The great anam cara is Jesus; the great guru, the great spiritual teacher, from whom we all learn. He is the teacher born in the East, whose doctrine has specially spread to the West.

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