Theology Articles

Each month Dr. Gumersindo Meiriño published an article on topics of Theology, published in different spaces and you can read on the official blog

These are the titles of some of them:

Anam Cara

Anam Cara Celtic culture gives this name to some special people. “Anam” means ‘soul’ in Gaelic; “Cara” means ‘friendship.’ In the Celtic world, the anam cara were spiritual friends; they were people on whom all trusted; people to whom every … Continue reading →

The closeness of God: The Sun

The closeness of God: The Sun Many people get bothered when God is close, because he makes them think about their ways of life. They do not like it because it makes them remember the dark parts of their ways. … Continue reading →

To empty the content

To empty the content Josecito visits me every day, at least some minutes to say hello. Now he is one year old and he walks. As all children, he frequently falls down; but it is wonderful to see how he … Continue reading →

From the tunnel to the clouds

From the tunnel to the clouds One day, a good man was introduced to me. He was intelligent and had great qualities. The person who introduced him told me: «He is a great man with a great problem: he lives … Continue reading →

With a clean glance

With a clean glance The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter. Then Peter remembered the word the Lord had spoken to him Luke 22, 61 I remember having moved to live in a new house, far from my land. … Continue reading →

Bhagavad-Guita and the Koran

Bhagavad-Guita and the Koran Gandhi said: «The Bhagavad-Guita –one of the sacred books of the Hindus- is not only my Bible or my Koran. It is more than that; it is my mother. My mother died a long time ago, … Continue reading →

Theology Articles

Focusing on the heart of Christians

Focusing on the heart of Christians When I was young, I walked at the bank of a river in the mountain. I liked picking up small stones and throwing them to the river. Sometimes, I tried to smash them, but … Continue reading →

Sixth sense

Sixth sense If you are able to focus your five senses on the Word of God, you open the sixth sense: intuition. You exceed the knowledge that is perceived through the senses –which are only physical- and you start to … Continue reading →

Theology Articles

Eyes of eagle

Eyes of eagle The sight of the eagle is extremely sharp, which enables this animal to visualize its preys from the distance. From the top of the mountain, it can see what is happening at ground level. It only leaves … Continue reading →


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